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We’re a company of builders. People with a respect and understanding of a time-honored profession that is both an art and a science. People who believe your project is the journey, not just the means to an end, and we treat it like that.

Irofo Construction"s Code of Ethics governs our own business activities and allows us to continually exceed expectations. Our Code includes obeying the law, safety throughout, demonstrating great integrity, avoiding conflicts of interests, business partner confidentiality, meeting or exceeding technical code standards, simultaneously upholding various career fields, technical competence standards, and security.

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Founded in 2010, we have constructed over 330 projects nationwide, totaling more than $1.7 million.
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IROFO Construction is composed of craftsmen who deliver unique products that are highly innovative.
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Four focus is to create relationships that last generations. That doesn't happen by cutting corners!
“The quality of construction is obvious, but the intangible is the impact Irofo Construction has made on our community, and our economic development.”

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